CCTIP Account Tips

About CCTIP Wallet

  • A CCTIP account can be linked to a variety of platforms. You can view your account id on your profile page.
  • When you link platforms, all revenue obtained on those platforms from CCTIP will be collected into CCTIP account balance; it will not be affected by either unlinking or relinking the platforms.

About Email/Mobile Verification

  • For each CCTIP account, only one email address or mobile number can be verified.
  • The verification of an email address or mobile number cannot be canceled and can only be changed.

About Social Platform Association

We support CCTIP accounts being linked to multiple third-party platforms, including Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit.
  • A third-party account can only be associated once at a time.
  • After linking a platform, all the revenue obtained from CCTIP on this platform will be collected to the current CCTIP account.
  • After unlinking, your assets will stay in the current CCTIP account and will not change with the unlinking of your social platform. Use this platform to log in to CCTIP again, it will be a new account.
  • If you have not linked it to CCTIP yet (even after unlinking), and receive an airdrop or a tip from CCTIP on this platform. You will get a newly created account that is associated with this platform. This is why you are prompted that it has already been linked with another CCTIP account.

About Social Platform Disassociation

  • After unlinking a platform, the group settings for all CCTIP-bot-enabled groups on this platform will be invalidated, and the group list on CCTIP will be removed.
  • Your assets will not be affected by the disassociation; the current balances will remain in the current CCTIP account.