CCTIP Account Tips

About CCTIP Wallet

  • A CCTIP account can be linked to a variety of platforms. You can view your account id on your profile page.
  • When you link platforms, all revenue obtained on those platforms from CCTIP will be collected into CCTIP account balance; it will not be affected by either unlinking or relinking the platforms.

About Email/Mobile Verification

  • For each CCTIP account, only one email address or mobile number can be verified.
  • The verification of an email address or mobile number cannot be canceled and can only be changed.

About Third-Party platform Association

We support CCTIP accounts being linked to multiple third-party platforms, including Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit.
  • A third-party account can only be associated once at a time.
  • After linking a platform, all the revenue obtained from CCTIP on this platform will be collected to the current CCTIP account.
  • If you have not linked it to CCTIP yet (even after unlinking), and receive an airdrop or a tip from CCTIP on this platform. You will get a newly created account that is associated with this platform. This is why you are prompted that it has already been linked with another CCTIP account.

About Third-Party platform Disassociation

  • After unlinking a platform, the group settings for all CCTIP-bot-enabled groups on this platform will be invalidated, and the group list on CCTIP will be removed.
  • Your assets will not be affected by the disassociation; the current balances will remain in the current CCTIP account.