How to Log In
There are several ways to register an account, you can log in with:
1.Email address 2.Mobile number 3.Apple ID (for IOS only) 4.Crypto wallet: Wallet Link, Wallet Connect, Metamask, Phantom and Tronlink. 5.Third-party platforms: Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Reddit.

In addition, we offer mobile apps that can scan QR code to log in to websites

How to log in by scanning the QR code

  1. 1.
    Visit CCTIP on website. On the login page, click Scan Code Login
2. Open the CCTIP app on your phone. Sign into your account, and click the scanning tool located in the upper right corner of the Wallet page.
3. You will be able to access the same account on the CCTIP web page by scanning the QR code on the website.