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Why am I not rewarded after I retweet?
Possible reasons are as follows:
    The airdrop command in the original tweet is invalid. (Causes behind an invalid command: 1. Insufficient balance; 2. Wrong command; 3. Tokens of the airdrop not supported in CCTip;4. The number of airdrop receivers is less than 5)
    The activity has ended. For example, no vacancies for more participants.
    Your Twitter account is a new account. You can get rewards after retweeting only if your Twitter account has more than 20 followers and was registered more than 7 days ago.
    The number of times you receive airdrops within 24 hours has exceeded the daily limit (20 times).
    You can receive only one airdrop from one user within 24 hours.
Last modified 8mo ago
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